I’m craving, craving for something real.

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And she felt heavy right now.  Empty?  No, not empty.  Confused?  Probably.  Frightened?  Maybe.  Tired?  Possibly.  She just can’t understand everything that she’s feeling right now.  She’s torn between the extremes.  She just can’t decipher even her own heart.  Perhaps it is true that it is the most deceitful of all.

Perhaps love is a game I’m destined to lose.

     There’s a tension between us waiting to be released.  I can feel it by the way you look me in the eyes, by the way our flesh touch, by the way we yearn for each other that it almost ache. I can see so much tenderness in your soul, the thirst- I can feel it too.  I do not know though what might happen if we let all the feelings stream, a collision perhaps or an explosion of hidden emotions. Speaking on the safe side, perhaps these feelings are better off to be kept, unacknowledged and buried. 

Concealed Fear

I want to drench myself

In your love.

To get drunk

With the taste of your lips.

To get lost

In your eyes.

And to feel

The warmth of your flesh.


I don’t want

To enter your heart,

Afraid of what I might find –

The name of the girl

You used to love.

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… But our story did not end with

            “and they live

                      happily ever after”

                                 rather, it ended with

                                              “ then he went away

                                                            and so did their



I’m breathing in
a different kind of air.
It has your savor,
so strong and masculine.
yet I crave for more.
I want it to fill up my lungs,
my every vein,
my entire system.

I want it.

I want you.


Feeding myself
with thoughts of you
is like swallowing
a handful of drugs,
and to some extent
gives me a unique
kind of pleasure.
Yet, I know so well
that in the end
it would leave me

I feel a strong pull towards you but I don’t know if I should give it a try.  As of the moment though, I’m trying my very best not to fall for you, trying my very best to keep myself on guard. Perhaps I’m afraid to fall in love, perhaps I’m afraid to be rejected , perhaps I’m afraid to admit that I’m afraid.  I don’t know if I’m still making any sense right now in fact I don’t even know if I still have my sanity.